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Healthy Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Healthy breakfast in bed recipes – Many people are searching for this menu. However, breakfast in bed is not food, you know? It is also including the atmosphere, mood, thoughts, desires, and dreams. Most of us think of food in bed as a mauveton. It is strange to eat, just opened your eyes, without having done the morning toilet and without changing to the table.

And almost the same majority deep down cherishes the idea of the day when a loved one wakes up a smile, brings coffee to the bedroom and surprises with a beautifully served tray with a delicious breakfast designed to create a special mood of love and magic from the very morning.

Here we offer you several secrets of a successful breakfast in bed. Of course, below are not all the subtleties that need to be considered, intending to please your loved one with a new romantic touch in your relationship. However, what to start with something you need? Read carefully, remember, shake your head – taking note of these recommendations, you can surprise, amaze, and give the smiles.

And this is exactly what is required, right? In the format of coffee and refreshments service on the bed, the main thing is not food, but something that can be expressed.

Secrets of Successful Healthy Breakfast in Bed

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  1. The concept of breakfast is better to think about in the evening. Impromptu, of course, is a wonderful thing, but in this case it’s not justified: a morning meal in bed must be stylish, neat, beautifully served, and the ham-sautéed salad and “bare” toast bread cut at the factory will not produce the expected effect.
  2. Heirs spend the night with their grandmother. Coffee, spattered with playful little children’s hands on your favorite veil, is not the picture you want to see in the morning.
  3. Get up to make breakfast in bed, you need not at your usual time, and at least half an hour earlier – there is nothing more sad than to pick up a tray with food and, turning to go into the bedroom, discover on the doorstep of the kitchen of that, To whom the surprise is meant.
  4. A nice postcard, a simple note, a sheet with a couple of warm words – do not ignore the details, they, like parts of the puzzle, add up the overall picture of romance, comfort, warmth.
  5. The breakfast table is not just a pleasant detail of the interior. It’s convenient, practical and very useful (you know how great it is to use it as a stand for a laptop? Try it somehow!). There is a sandwich, constantly holding a cup of coffee in his hand, of course, is real, but hard, and this is not the right knee – breakfast in bed should bring bliss and relaxation, not tension and incredible
  6. However, the breakfast table in bed is successfully replaced by a tray or – oh, a horror for aesthetes! – A large cutting board, covered with a beautiful napkin. The main thing – a fantasy and a little creative initiative.
  7. A lot is not necessary. Less is better, but stylish, elegant and with all the heart. Do not force the tray with numerous plates with snacks, saucers with all sorts of sweets and jars with jam. Concentrate on the main idea, develop it. Sometimes it is rather original to serve a couple of donuts who adore your spouse or husband, supplement them with a cup of cocoa – and incredible in its concise, beautiful, delicious, most delicious of all possible breakfasts ready. Well, it’s delicious and healthy breakfast.
  8. Pleasant trifles which pleases you but it should not be every day. It should be included in the menu for breakfast and brought to bed. A piece of pearl brie with a velvet crust, a bunch of sweet grapes not in season, a small bowl with nuts and dried fruits – these details create a mood and are remembered most, although they are not the central figures in the overall game.
  9. Draw and create. Hearts are appropriate as ever, the flowers will not look ridiculous, even the banal “peas” will decorate the food better than all the purchased decors.
  10. Flowers – a definitive “yes!”. This is almost the main violin in the whole romantic ensemble, without it breakfast will not sound powerful chords of love and joy, tenderness and care. Of course, it’s better if you manage to pick up a bouquet in the tone of the overall color fullness of food (orange gerbera, sun linen napkin, carrot fresh and lettuce, celery and yellow tomatoes – the picture is incredible, agree!, incredible and available at the same time).

Well, those are the secrets of amazing and romantic breakfast in bed. Let’s move to the recipes of breakfast in bed. For the breakfast menu in bed, you can pick up a lot of ideas. Eggs boiled hard and soft, served with a few leaves of lettuce, decorated with bright balls of caviar, is tasty and satisfying.

Favorite sausages, lightly fried and laid out in a romantic heart, supplemented with fresh vegetables and herbs – thoroughly and confidently. Crispy toasts, accompanied by a row of jars with various sauces, jams, jams and chocolate-nut pastes- it’s fun and cozy. Thin pancakes, laid out with flowers, decorated with fresh berries and fruits, is colorful and original.

Fast Cupcakes for Breakfast in Bed


Yeah, the cupcakes for breakfast in bed can be your idea today. It’s really fast making. Do not be frightened, everything is simple, like twice two: mixed, poured into cups and baked.

More precisely, not even baked, but just put everything in the microwave: three minutes – and a fragrant romantic breakfast is ready. Quickly brew coffee and go to wake up a loved one, until the smell of fresh baking did it for you.

Ingredients for 2 cupcakes:

1 egg

4 tbsp. L. Flour

4 tbsp. L. Sahara

3 tbsp. L. Milk

3 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil

2 tbsp. L. cocoa

1/2 tsp. Baking powder

1 tsp. Vanilla sugar

The cooking method: the first, grind sugar and egg, add milk and butter in a small bowl. If you have time and want more refined baking, replace the vegetable oil with melted and cooled creamy – the difference will not be very noticeable, but still palpable, the taste will change subtly for the better.

The second, stir, add flour, cocoa and vanilla sugar. Lastly, sprinkle the baking powder. The dough will not be very thick – just like the consistency of sour cream.

After that, divide it in half and put it into cups (choosing the suitable one, we take into account that the cupcakes will rise well, and you will serve them in the same container in which they were baked).

And then, put for 3 minutes in a microwave oven, the power is 600-800 watts. Finally, you can decorate cupcakes with candied flowers when serving. You may make a frosting of lemon juice and powdered sugar or with its help draw hearts through a stencil.

Green Fritata, Norwegian Food for Breakfast in Bed


Well, say no to the words like “omelette” and “scrambled eggs” for weekdays. Today’s breakfast is a romantic and solemn event, so let’s allow ourselves some degree of eloquence. Let it be a fritata! And not just with parsley or dill, but a joyful green fritata! Here are the ingredients and the way to cook green fritata for healthy breakfast in bed.


3 eggs

A large bunch of parsley

A large bunch of dill

A large bunch of spinach

Vegetable oil for frying

Salt to taste

The cooking method: the first step is all greens and dried well. Remove stems, cut into small strips. Mix in a large bowl, and adding salt, slightly hands. And then, separately beat eggs – not up to foam and color changes, but just to achieve a homogeneous structure.

After that, ready egg mass is combined with greens, mix well and put on a heated frying pan with butter. Fry on medium heat until eggs are ready, served with a spoon of sour cream or cream cheese. Finally, to give the dish a special romantic note, you can fry a fritat in the serving rings – the eggs in the form of a heart will look especially touching and cute.


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