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Diastasis Recti in Men: Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

Diastasis recti usually happen to women especially after giving birth. If you find that a woman’s stomach does not get smaller after giving birth, it may be that the stomach muscles are separated. That is what is called diastasis recti.

Even though usually it happens to women, diastasis recti are also possible to happen to men. It can be caused by different factors and there are also many treatments. Therefore, it is very important and useful to discuss further about diastasis recti in men: symptoms, cause and treatment.

What Is Diastasis Recti in Men?

Based on the term, diastasis is a word that comes from a Greek word which means “to separate”. So, diastasis recti mean a separation of rectus abdominal muscles which run vertically.  Usually, the separation is 2.5 inches or more. It can be on either side of naval from breastbone to public bone.

The muscle stretching could reach a gap for an inch or more. It can happen to men and usually can be seen fully when they do sit-ups. Unfortunately, sometimes there is misdiagnosis where it is guessed as weight gain.

The Symptoms of Diastasis Recti in Men


There are many symptoms that relate to diastasis recti in men. The most common symptom is that a ridge occurs from navel to breastbone bottom. However, there are still many other symptoms that you need to know. The next symptom commonly seen is that there is a gap which exists between both rectus abdominal sides.

Then, uncomfortable feeling on your abdomen may also belong to one of the symptoms of diastasis recti in men. Besides that, a trouble in moving around may also be one of the symptoms.

There are still some other symptoms. One of them is the urine leaking. Next, you have also to be careful if breathing trouble happens to you because it may be one of the symptoms, too. The next possible symptom is constipation. Then, constipation also belongs to one of the causes.

Besides that, lower back pain can also be one of the factors that cause diastasis recti. The next cause of diastasis recti is urinary incontinence. If difficulty breathing happens to you, you should be careful because it can also cause diastasis recti.

The last one is discomfort in the body movement. By knowing those symptoms above, you can identify diastasis recti earlier. So, if it really happens to you, you can meet a doctor and ask for treatment as soon as possible.

Suggestion for Diastasis Recti in Men

There are many men who are not aware when diastasis recti happen to them. Commonly, they think that it is just a normal fat. However, if it looks different from the common fat, it means that there is something wrong.

That is why you need to know about diastasis recti in men: symptoms, cause and treatment wholly. So, when you find the symptoms on your stomach, you have to treat it as soon as possible. If you do not treat it soon, it may cause hernia. In fact, organs surrounding tissues will break and the hernia happens.

The Factors that Cause Diastasis Recti in Men

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We have discussed about the definition and symptoms of diastasis recti. Now, we will talk about the factors that may cause diastasis recti in men.

It is very important to know about the factors causing diastasis recti. In fact, it affects the treatment you should choose. There are at least 5 different factors that possibly cause this problem. Now, we will discuss them one by one clearly.

Firstly, it may happen in men because you do improper exercises like sit-ups, vigorous push-ups, and weight lifting. It may also happen if you do those exercises with improper body position. That is why you should do the proper exercises rightly.

Besides that, this disease may also occur if you have extra weight gain. It can also happen in men when you get weight gain abdomen with high pressure. As we know, men usually gain weight from the front, not from the sides like women.

That is why gaining weight cannot be reached too fast. It needs long process. Anyway, it also belongs to one of the causes of diastasis recti in men.

The next factor that can cause diastasis recti is genetically factor. It may happen to either men or women. For example, if your father or grandfather has ever had diastasis recti, you will have the higher risk of diastasis recti. Then, it may also be caused by obesity.

In fact, the amount of obese men is always increased. Obesity may come from unhealthy foods, bad habits, or genetically factors. So, you have to control your weight gain to keep away from diastasis recti. Another popular cause is cancer in abdomen & cirrhosis of liver because of excessive fluids.

Then, swelling happens and leans to this disease. There may also some other possible factors that can cause diastasis recti.

Treatments for Diastasis Recti in Men


After knowing the definition, symptoms and causes, it is very important know how to treat it. Actually, preventing is always better than treating. You can also actually prevent it by doing exercises rightly, maintain weigh gain, etc. However, sometimes it is caused by genetically factor that cannot be prevented.

That is why we should discuss about its treatment. There are 2 methods of treatment that you can try. The first is surgery where it should be done by surgeons whereas the second one is bracing. Bracing relates to doing exercise to treat this problem. We will discuss one by one clearly.

  • Surgery

As it is mentioned before, the first method of treatment is surgery. This surgery is named abdominoplasty. It is a cosmetic procedure in severe condition to treat diastasis recti in male. In this method, linea alba is saturated & folded in this procedure.

Then, stomach muscles are tightened & repaired in this surgery. On your bikini line, skin will be lifted. This surgery usually takes about 90 minutes. After taking this surgery, you should take medical treatment following it. Related to diastasis recti in men: symptoms, cause and treatment, it becomes one of the most popular treatments.

  • Bracing

The second method in treating diastasis in men is bracing. It is a technique that helps you treat diastasis done on abdominal area & lower back. This is the most common technique in this treatment where it provides you exercise rehabilitation rightly.

Besides that, this also becomes an ultimate solution to reduce the pain during the exercise. There are 5 different exercises that you can consider. So, we will discuss them one by one clearly. So, you can follow these exercises rightly. It can be done at home either with or without monitor from the doctor.

1. Exercise One

Let’s start from exercise one. This is easy to follow. In this exercise, you should lie down to the floor with both of feet on the ground. Besides that, both your legs are bent. After that, put both of your hands with pointed finger downward on your lower stomach. Then, breath in & out rightly in the steady stream.

The next step is to lift your shoulders as well as head slowly off the ground. Do it carefully and rightly. Lastly, press down your abdomen especially the lower part with your own fingers & hands.

That is all the first exercise for diastasis recti in men that you should try. It is easy, isn’t it? You can repeat it for a few times and do it regularly every day until your diastasis recti is relieved gradually. If you want other exercises, you can try the second exercise.

2. Exercise Two

The second exercise is simpler than the first one. It only requires you to follow 2 steps. Firstly, what you need to do is to lie down you back on the ground with feet on the floor and bent knees.

After that, tighten your muscles on lower abdomen & lift your hips at the same time carefully. Do this rightly and repeat it for 10 times directly.

This exercise will make diastasis recti happen to you being relieved gradually. So, you should follow this simple and beneficial exercise for your treatment.

3. Exercise Three

This is the next exercise that you have to pay attention and consider. The third exercise is also not difficult. So, there is no reason that you cannot do this. Related to diastasis recti in men: symptoms, cause and treatment, it belongs to one of the most effective treatments.

If you are interested in this exercise, firstly you have to lie down carefully on the ground. Place your feet on the floor and the position of your knees are bent. If you can start it rightly, you can continue to the next step. In fact, the first is very important.

After that, take a breath by inhaling properly and then straight down a leg & slide it done slowly on the ground while exhaling.

Next, straight your leg as far as possible and start inhaling again by moving back your legs in the starting position.

Now, you should repeat it with another leg. That is all the movements of the exercise that you should follow.

Repeat it for your desired times regularly every day and it will really be useful to treat your diastasis recti. You can also consider the forth exercise that will be discussed below.

4. Exercise Four

You also need to learn the forth exercise. It also becomes one of the best home remedies of diastasis recti in men. If you are able to follow the previous exercises, you must be able to follow this exercise because it also has the similar movements.

In fact, all the exercises here have the same basics in treating diastasis recti. What you need to do is firstly sit down on the floor by putting both of hands on your abdomen. After that, you should contact the abdominal muscles slowly. It can be done by taking small breaths. Do this with pulling your abdominal muscles towards your spine.

During this step, you must keep your breath under your control. Then, hold this position around 20 up to 30 seconds. That is all the movements of this exercise.

If you can follow it rightly, repeat it for 10 times every day. You can see how it will be able to treat your diastasis recti as long as you do this exercise rightly. It may take a few weeks or months depending on the condition of diastasis recti you experience.

5. Exercise Five

This is the last exercise that you need to learn and try. If you experience diastasis recti, this exercise will be very helpful to remedy it. That is why it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most recommended home treatments for diastasis recti in men.

To follow this exercise, the first step that you need to do is to lie down slowly on the floor like the previous starting position. It means your feet should be on the ground with bent knees.

After that, chin and lift your head slowly by making down to your chest. The next step is to make your abdomen contract towards the floor and then hold this position for about 20 to 25 seconds.

Then, back to the starting position, lower the head & hold it for 2 seconds only. That is all the movements to follow.

That is easy, is not that? For the best result, you have to repeat this exercise at least 10 times. Do it regularly and your diastasis recti will be relieved fast.

That is all what you need to know about diastasis recti in men: symptoms, cause and treatment. Anyway, you have to prevent diastasis recti. If it happens to you, you can define the causes and decide to treat it as soon as possible. If exercise does not help, you should meet your doctor and surgery may be required.

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